What wonderful news!

Since June 2023, our maple gourmet products and gift sets are available in European territory!

This is a great collaboration between the blanc by rouGe team and Arvida Signé Québec (https://arvida-signequebec.com), aimed at showcasing Quebec’s treasures in France.


But who is behind Arvida Signé Québec?

Meet Jessica Couture, a passionate woman originally from Arvida, Saguenay (yes, even the company's name is inspired by Quebec!).

Born from the belief that Quebec’s treasures deserve to be discovered and enjoyed beyond the oceans, the company offers the finest Quebec products for the delight of Europeans!

Do you have friends, family, or colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic who you’d like to introduce to the blanc by rouGe gourmet products? Why not have a maple gift set shipped to their doorstep? A wonderful idea for a unique, purely Quebecois, and… delicious gift!