Questions about ROUGE Maple Tree Adoptions

I want to give the adoption as a gift. Can I have the package(s) sent to someone else’s address? 

Yes. When you check out, you’ll be asked for two addresses—one for you, and one for your recipient, where the adoption products will be sent. Should your recipient move during the year, just send us an email with the new address, and we will update our records to ensure they get your gift to them (should you have chosen the GOLD status adoption.

Can I have the maple and certificate sent to different addresses?

No. The certificate comes packaged with the product derived from that adoption. We wouldn’t want to create orphans now would we?

Will the maple syrup I receive really be from my tree?

We say your tree’s maple syrup but because a maple tree’s production may vary, we actually derive the maple syrup with your tree’s brothers and sisters to give us enough sap to produce the maple syrup as efficiently as possible. This way we are able to guarantee you will receive the same amount of organic maple syrup every year.

How long is the Adoption for?

Your Adoption will last for a year from the start date on your certificate or from registration. At the end of the adoption year, you can readopt the same tree or a different tree

I need a gift for a birthday/holiday/anniversary tomorrow; can you send me something to give ASAP?

We’ve all been there haven’t we? That “Oh my God!!!” I forgot, my significant other’s birthday (God forbid). Well, we won’t promise that you will get off without some inflicted pain (mental or otherwise) but we can definitely help lessen that pain…just contact us at and we’ll see what we can do to help you make amends in a very special way

Questions about ROUGE

Where is ROUGE?

The ROUGE groves are located in Notre-Dame-des-Bois, in the province of Quebec, Canada. ROUGE’s official HQ is in Montreal, Canada, and Rouge Canada is a registered company.

Why is it called ROUGE?

As you probably know, ROUGE means “Red” in French and red is one the colours that paints the beautiful Quebec landscape in the fall. We also wanted to retain a French Canadian touch to our brand as most of the maple syrup produced in the world originates from Quebec. And finally, the red maple tree is one of the maple tree varietals that produces maple syrup. To put it another way…ROUGE + Maple Trees = Love!

Where can I buy ROUGE maple syrup and maple fine gourmet products?

Our ROUGE maple products can be exclusively purchased through the ROUGE shop section of our web site. You can either get them by adopting a maple tree or by visiting our ROUGE shop to try the variety of maple products (psst! can even do both!)

Questions about Shipping

When will my shipment(s) come?

Your shipment will be sent to you about 4 weeks after you adopt your tree. Should you have chosen the GOLD Status Adoption, you will receive your second package between 4 and 6 months after the first package. 

Do I have to pay shipping for each package?

No. The shipping charge you pay at checkout covers the delivery of the 2 shipments during the year—the Spring package and the Gourmet package (also including is your Adoption Certificate and your e-Gourmet Recipe Book).

Do you ship to my country, and how much will it cost?

We ship to any country, and the shipping charges differ depending on the region. For prices, visit our Terms & Conditions page.

Questions about Credit Card payments

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Yes. We use an external, internationally respected card processing company. All the card details that you enter on our website goes directly to their very secure system and ROUGE never keeps a record of these details. Please note that you also have the option to pay via Paypal.

Why was my card declined?

There are two common reasons a credit card is declined by our payment system. The first is that the name and address provided during check out is not exactly the same as the details registered with the credit card company. Second, it is possible that your bank or credit card company has blocked the purchase. This can happen when they assume the purchase is fraudulent, because you are making a payment to a foreign company. If you give them a call and ask them to allow the purchase, you should be able to checkout successfully.

Other Questions?

Should you have any other questions or inquiries, please contact us at We will do our best to respond back in the 48 hours that follow.