Adopt a Maple Tree

What is Rouge?

ROUGE is a story of discovery. One taste was all it took and we knew this incredibly flavorful, yet delicately clean tasting, pure organic maple syrup needed to be shared with the world. Born from the sap of majestic maple trees in pristine Notre-Dame-Des-Bois, Quebec, Canada, ROUGE brings you the best maple syrup you've ever tasted...ROUGE 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup.

Adopt a Maple Tree

What is Rouge?

A NEW way to buy Pure Organic Maple Syrup

We are now making a select number of our trees available for you to adopt on an annual basis and receive all the organic maple syrup your tree produces. So adopt a maple tree today, because when it comes to food you eat, you should not settle...

Life’s too short for compromise!

What you will receive

  • The Spring First Flow Package

    Two 500ml bottles of 100% pure organic maple syrup from your tree’s first sap flows. Delivered to you in 2 elegant, Italian made designer bottles that are reusable and will bring a touch of class to any table.

    Each bottle is equipped with a spill proof pour-spout, which means controlled pouring and no sticky bottles! The bottles come packaged in a beautifully designed ROUGE decorative box (also reusable!).

  • The Gourmet Collection of "Foodie Essentials"

    A variety of fine gourmet organic maple syrup based products (organic maple syrup, courtesy of your tree of course!). Made with the finest ingredients, using proprietary recipes that have been developed and refined over several years with the help of several local chefs.

    The Gourmet Collection consists of the amazingly bold and delicious ROUGE Maple Barbecue Sauce, our ROUGE Maple Raspberry Dressing that will turn any ordinary salad into a delectable gourmet dish and completing the trio is the multi-layered, tangy ROUGE Maple Mustard. This collection also comes to you in our reusable designer decorative box and reusable jars and bottles.

  • Adoption Certificate & ROUGE eCookbook

    As part of your ROUGE Maple Tree Adoption, you also receive a personalized adoption certificate, including your tree's identification. which will impress your friends and family and make you all warm and fuzzy inside! And that’s not all!!! (apologies for sounding like your favorite tv infomercial)…

    We will also send you the Official ROUGE 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup eCookbook. A collection of easy recipes to further impress your friends and family. These recipes will allow you to explore the growing uses of maple syrup in modern cuisine as well as some more traditional recipes with a fun little twist.

Why Adopt a Maple Tree

The strict rules and guidelines that are imposed (see “The Organic Difference” for more) in order to produce “certified” organic maple syrup, are such that less than 20% of the world’s maple syrup qualifies for certification…so true pure organic maple syrup can be quite rare.

We say "your tree’s" maple syrup but because a maple tree’s production may vary, we actually derive the maple syrup with your tree’s brothers and sisters to give us enough sap to produce the maple syrup as efficiently as possible. This way we are able to guarantee you will receive the same amount of organic maple syrup every year.

Health News

adopt a maple tree

In a recent 2011 study, University of Rhode Island researchers (led by Dr. Navindra Seeram) identified 54 compounds in pure maple syrup from Quebec, double the amount previously reported, and many with antioxidant activity and potential health benefits. In the laboratory studies, they acted as anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agents. Initial studies also suggest that maple compounds may inhibit enzymes relevant in Type 2 diabetes management.

According to the URI research team, pure maple syrup contains a cocktail of polyphenol compounds, several with antioxidant properties and many with well-documented health benefits. "We found a wide variety of polyphenols in maple syrup," said Seeram. "It is a one-stop shop for these beneficial compounds, several of which are also found in berries, tea, red wine and flaxseed, just to name a few," Seeram continued. "Not all sweeteners are created equal. When choosing a sweetener, pure maple syrup may be a better choice because of the range of antioxidant compounds not found in other sweeteners."

Seeram acknowledges that real maple syrup is pricier than commercial brands with maple flavoring or even those with no or very little maple syrup. “But you pay for what you get and you get what you pay for, meaning there are consequences for what you eat.

“We know that anti-oxidants are present in the leaves, bark and twigs of the maple tree, so looking at the sap make sense.”

“In a certain sense, people view sap as the life blood of the tree,” Seeram said. “Maple syrup is unique in that it is the only commercial product in our diet that comes from a plant’s sap.”

Health News report
University of Rhode Island

The Organic Difference

All ROUGE maple products are produced with 100% pure organic maple syrup. In order for us to claim this and put it on our labels we have had to ensure that everything we do in the production of our organic maple syrup is compliant with the strictest codes, rules and regulations put forth by the organizations listed below.

All groves need to be individually registered to ensure traceablility of product.

  • ECOCERT Canada ( Organic Certification)
  • FPAQ (Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers)
  • David's Guarantee!

Tied directly to the pride David (our maple syrup master) takes in his work, this guarantee is one of the toughest to pass. An admitted perfectionist, through David's almost 20 years of experience and expirementing with every facet, be it, color, texture, and of course taste, he has developed the perfect balance between art and science that gives his organic maple syrup a uniqueness not found in others. And here at ROUGE, we stand behind it 100% and guarantee that this is the best maple syrup you have ever none!

Corporate Gifts

We can build your custom gift box using any of the products available in our Shop. Please contact us at and ask about our volume discounts.

The Gift of Adoption

By giving a ROUGE adoption as a gift, you will be forever known as that hip, cool and loving friend that is up on the latest trends and gives the best gifts! That's because a ROUGE adoption not only says...I care about you but it also says...I care about your health (it’s organic)! I care about our planet (its green)! I care about how you feel (it tastes sooooo good)! And of course, I care what you think of ME!

So give the gift of a ROUGE Maple Tree adoption....What other gift can say all this?

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