Find the perfect gift for your clients, employees or events. Our two collections answers any budgets, needs and … tastes!

Discover the luxury collection rouGe which offers unique, exclusive and high end gift sets.

OR, choose blanc par rouGe, which offerts a flexible option with over 200 possible combinations of products.

You will make anybody happy!

rouGe luxury gifts


Limited edition of high end gourmet products, rouGe will be given to the biggest stars of Hollywood on February 26, 2017, for a 5th year in a row!

All made with organic maple syrup, rouGe gourmet product are exclusively offered online and in luxury corporate gifts.

(Only the top 5% of our production make it in our beautifully designed Italian bottles)

Looking for a luxury present? Our prestigious rouGe line is the answer. 

blanc by rouGe gourmet gifts


More than 200 different combinations of our gourmet products are possible with the blanc by rouGe gift box!

Choose from our traditional and non traditional maple products and create the perfect set up to please everyone!

A unique, original and….delicious gift!